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Meet Mercoza Concrete

Mercoza was founded to provide premium concrete services in the cities of the San Francisco Bay Area, Palo Alto, Oakland, and San Jose. Our most popular services are concrete walkways, driveways, and foundations. With over 70 years of combined experience, we always offer a high-quality concrete service to our clients. Whether its residential, commercial or industrial, in any project you should only expect one thing, excellence in every phase of construction. We partner with the best in the industry, every slab, foundation, basement and wall will be done right the first time. Contact us today for a Free quote on high-quality concrete work.

  • Quality Services and Client Permits
    Mercoza extends a warm welcome to new clients, emphasizing its commitment to delivering high-quality services. The corporation secures permits for its clients, ensuring a smooth start to projects. This guarantee accelerates project initiation with the expertise of Mercoza's engineers.
  • Skilled Workforce Selection
    Mercoza takes pride in its meticulous selection process for laborers, ensuring that only skilled professionals contribute to your project. The emphasis on skilled labor services reflects Mercoza's dedication to excellence in execution.
  • Hands-On Project Management
    One of the standout features is the active involvement of managers on-site, demonstrating a hands-on approach to project management. Regular visits by managers contribute to a quick turnaround time without compromising on quality, enhancing the overall project experience.
  • State Licensing Achievements
    Mercoza has achieved notable milestones by obtaining licenses for contracting in the state of California. Holding licenses as A-General Engineering and C-8 concrete, granted by the Contractors State License Board, showcases Mercoza's credibility and compliance with industry standards.
  • Proven Track Record
    Mercoza has established itself as a reputable corporation with a successful track record. The corporation's achievements and licensing status affirm its capability and reliability in handling diverse projects.
  • Personalized Client-Employee Relationships
    Mercoza fosters a unique and personal relationship between clients and employees. The rapport is so strong that clients go beyond professional interactions, occasionally buying lunch for Mercoza's employees, creating a positive and collaborative working atmosphere.
  • Exceptional Value for Investment
    Choosing Mercoza is described as an "all jolly affair," suggesting a positive and enjoyable experience for clients. The combination of quality services, skilled workforce, active management, and personal relationships makes Mercoza a sound investment, providing excellent value for your money.
Our Inception

The company was founded in 2013 bringing on deck a strong skill set and years of experience. Mercoza was founded as a partnership, with 2 partners towing 53 years of experience together; Amador Duran with 34 years of experience in the industry, and Jason Duran with 19 years of experience. 

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